Development and Creation of Sites

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Our development methods.

All our sites or applications are obviously developed under PHP 7.xx and higher, the JavaScripts and the Framework used for the development no longer running on deprecated versions like PHP 5.6.

For databases, we opted to work with MySQL, rather than PostgreSQL. The two types of bases are very similar and efficient, it is only a personal development choice.

Depending on the type of realization we work on the CSS / JavaScript design and graphics with the JQuery and Bootstrap tools and for the dynamic side with the Ajax codes.

Our Sites are all equipped with a BackOffice (Administration Interface) allowing our customers to be able to modify themselves certain parameters and updates of their information, this interface also makes it possible to easily manage customer messages and requests for information .

We do not install CMS (Content Management System).

The most famous CMS on the market being WordPress, Joomla etc ..., on the one hand, out of ethics, we believe that it is not our job to make our customers pay for free software developed by others.

We develop, we don't install ready-made software, although it also takes a long time to install properly.

In addition, because most of the interesting modules are paid and often very expensive. Especially because in the end, by dint of installing all the interesting modules, we quickly end up with a sort of gas factory with incessant incompatibilities and updates.

CMS being Open Source sites with fairly substantial security vulnerabilities, they are the favorite target of hackers of all stripes, who delight in cracking security.

And finally, because a CMS never really meets the exact needs of a customer. So this requires modifying existing modules and spending three times as much time adapting them for often a very average rendering.

A simple hobbyist with some computer knowledge will be able to do this for you very well ... well, in terms of the installation.

PHP and Ajax programming genesia-multimedia

All our achievements are optimized and prepared for SEO quality referencing, data security is also a major concern of our developments. We host our own Statistics server with Matomo software, so as not to leave statistical data on third party servers, which would be out of control. But we can of course, if you wish, measure your statistical data with tools like Google Analytics.